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What to know about diversifying your affiliate partnerships


A common challenge for many marketers is how to accelerate their affiliate program growth – regionally and globally – without over-relying on “traditional” partners.

Many brands are not even aware of just how many “non-traditional” affiliate partners there are and the incredible value they can bring to their affiliate program.

In this webinar, Erin Killian, VP of Agency & Prime at Partnerize and Michelle Morgan, Director of Publisher Development at Acceleration Partners share insights about who these non-traditional affiliate partners are, and provide strategies for how to work with them in your affiliate program to reach new audiences and drive incremental growth.

This webinar will cover:

  • The latest trends in affiliate partnerships
  • Who these affiliate partners are and how they add value to brands
  • How brands are engaging with new types of partners globally
  • Partnership challenges and opportunities
  • The growing importance of brand-to-brand partnerships
  • Inspiration and examples from top brands

M Morgan

Michelle Morgan

Director of Publisher Development,

Acceleration Partners

E Killian

Erin Killian

VP of Agency & Prime,