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2020 was one hell of a ride. Whilst we saw e-commerce accelerate beyond the growth predicted for the next 5 years, we also saw some brands unable to pivot in reaction to brick-and-mortar closures and as a result many came off the tracks.

Recently, we hosted a webinar which sought to examine the trends in discounting which were driven by the events of 2020. In collaboration with our colleagues from Silverbean, we approached some of our valued clients for their take on this interesting phenomenon and to discover how brands are addressing this with their partnership strategy.

In this eBook, you will learn the key points raised in this webinar around the highs and lows of 2020 that indicate how this discounting mindset arose and continues to be an issue facing many.

We also delve into the changes in consumer behavior that may have propelled this and share benchmark data around emerging partner preferences and trends.

Finally, pulling all these contributions together from clients, data and consumer trends, we’ve developed some top tips to help you create a more holistic partner program with discounting as a part of, not at the core of, your strategy.

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