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Simple ways to make retail influencers revenue accountable


Success starts with committing to accountability within the
influencer channel!

Anyone who has watched one or both of the Fyre Festival documentaries was no doubt struck by one realization: Wow. Influencer marketing is powerful stuff. Of course, in this case, the success of influencers in driving paying attendees to the ill-fated festival isn't a case study any reputable brand would be in a hurry to replicate. But the power of influencer marketing—particularly behind a reputable product—is undeniable. Influencer marketing has been picking up steam for years now, and it shows no sign of slowing. In fact, for 2022, the value of the global influencer market is said be worth a record-setting $13.8B (USD).
As retailers invest more in their influencer programs, they must also begin to better understand how this channel ties into their larger marketing efforts. Download our eBook to ensure you are influencer strategy is set up for success!

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