London Research + Partnerize: Fixing the affiliate disconnect.

The State of Partnerships and Affiliate Marketing 2024

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At the heart of partnership and affiliate marketing there is a puzzling conundrum. Marketers who are in-channel are fierce advocates of the category as a strategic revenue driver. They see the impact it delivers to the bottom line. They know it outperforms alternative digital marketing options for both sales and brand metrics. And they can prove it too, with rich ROI and precise funnel journey analytics and reporting that other channels can only dream of. So why are only 1/3 of CMOs investing time and budget in the channel?

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  • The current state of play and benefits of partnerships and affiliate marketing up and down the funnel.
  • The battle against primary channels when it comes to investment, including how to get buy-in from the top.
  • How to choose best-in-breed technology and the capabilities driving success.
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