Mapping affiliate marketing experiences & tactics across the consumer journey

Understanding how consumers engage with affiliate marketing can help today’s brands put it to use across the consumer journey.

And while marketers still must do business in the paid search, paid social, and programmatic channels where consumers expect them to be, leveraging affiliate marketing allows brands to stay present across the consumer journey — and the profits from this performance-based channel can often offset the cost of operating in other media ecosystems.

Partnerize surveyed 1,000 consumers about how they engage with affiliate marketing throughout the online shopping journey, from awareness to loyalty. The exclusive data and expert insights are included in this new report. The report highlights:

  • How the variety of the affiliate marketing space helps marketers to partner with different sites and use different tactics depending on which consumer motivations align with their goals.
  • How affiliate marketing spans all points of the consumer journey.
  • Why today’s customers trust affiliates.