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How To Take Partnership Global MAD//Anywhere


Extending a brand internationally tends to be expensive and resource-intensive; brand teams need to define the most effective and efficient tools for growing awareness, driving trial, and stimulating customer loyalty.

When you look at primary acquisition channels like display, paid social or search, marketers can’t afford NOT to be present in those mediums. However, the cost of doing business within these channels is continually on the rise. Partnerships are a powerful alternative to other primary sales and marketing channels because it subsidizes the high costs of these channels with a pay-for-outcome, not pay-for-access model.

Partnerships MUST be a part of any brand’s international expansion plans. But you have to do partnership right, right from the start. There are a number of key tactics that help drive faster revenues and better overall results for partnership – whatever the region(s) in which you compete. If you are looking for ways to drive faster and stronger brand sales as part of an international expansion, Rebecca is going to reveal the best practices that should inform your efforts. 

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rebecca mcniven

Rebecca McNiven

Director of Services