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How To Choose a Partner Management
Solution For Finance


An easy-to-use checklist for finance marketing leaders.

Considering a new partner management platform? You are not alone. Lots of brands are exploring their management options as they increase their partner marketing investments. Like any other major software purchase, making the right choice can be a lot simpler if you know what’s important and what questions to ask.

Download the eBook today and get the answers to these burning questions:

  • Can you use the solution to partner with any type of company, organization, or individual?
  • Does the platform make it easy to compensate partners based on your true KPIs?
  • Will the tool give you the ability to understand and act on every step in the buyer journey?
  • Does the solution provide the ability to track any event in the purchase journey?
  • Does the tool have the flexibility to create reports and conduct analysis on all the finance industry metrics that matter to you?
  • Plus more!

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