eMarketer Report

Affiliate Marketing 2023

Stretching the Funnel to Find Growth


Download eMarketer’s exclusive Affiliate Marketing 2023 report brought to you by Partnerize, where you’ll glean insights into the growing impact of affiliate partners in every stage of the buyer’s journey. This report also guides brands through affiliate marketing’s changing landscape, emphasizing funnel expansion and the power of partnerships for growth.

Insights  explored inside the report include:

Affiliates are now looking past the bottom of the funnel.
As affiliate marketing continues to spread into new spending areas, a particularly fertile area is emerging in post-sale surfaces.

Retail media is starting to reshape the industry.
Retailers are rushing to maximize their opportunities as media sellers, and affiliate publishers and influencers are beginning to reap the rewards. 

Top-line spending in affiliate marketing looks flattish so far in 2023. The shaky economy at the start of the year sapped any momentum still left over from the pandemic-driven boom. Affiliate marketing remains fundamentally dependent on retail ecommerce.

There is fear that AI could change everything.
Affiliate marketers have already gone through several phases of generative AI (genAI) adoption. While the industry’s current uses for the technology are modest, there is palpable anxiety that genAI could overhaul the way affiliate marketing works. And right now, there is no clear sense of who should be setting standards.