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Preparing for a cookie-less future.

In the wake of recent data scandals, there have been larger conversations around consumer privacy. As consumers, how much privacy do we actually have? Where is our data being stored? What control do we have over our own information? The growing concern has prompted major browsers to implement privacy-based changes that put users in control of their anonymity when it comes to their digital journey.

In many cases, these browser changes introduced tracking limitations, inhibiting performance marketers from accurately tracking consumers’ path to purchase. As a result, digital advertising has been forced to adapt, and marketers must look to take action in order to ensure accurate attribution, truthful data and mutually beneficial partnerships.

In this eBook we take you through the timeline of tracking changes and highlight the alternative tracking infrastructures you can look to employ which will meet the unique needs of marketers in the partnership space.

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Want to learn more about "a cookie-less future?" Watch this on-demand webinar "Preparing for a cookie-less future with Partnerize." 

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