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Convergence of brand and performance marketing.

A new symbiosis ahead in 2022.


There are good reasons that content has long been considered the rightful king.

When well placed and targeted, it has the primal ability to connect and spark consumer engagement, both short and longer-term. Elevate this capacity to the practice of marketing, and the business utility is real. Specifically, within partnership marketing, affiliates, for example, applying a more networked, programmed approach, content partners help brands tell their story and introduce new consumers to their products.

As these practices have continued to mature and the underlying tech has continued to advance, content has a proven history within partnership marketing for driving a higher percentage of revenue from new customers for brands. The past year has given us an even clearer view of what content can do. Its potential has been magnified and accelerated by COVID-19, as consumers shop online more than they previously had.

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