Avoid Scammers that Impersonate as Partnerize


Important Information!

Scammers often impersonate employees of organizations with the intent to obtain data, information and/or funds. Scammers may contact users, offer them fake jobs, and encourage them to sign up for accounts and deposit funds using their banking information.

Please be aware that these are not legitimate requests. 

Partnerize posts all available employment opportunities at https://partnerize.com/careers/, and does not extend offers of employment without interviewing prospective candidates.  Partnerize provides the opportunity for prospective partners to create partner accounts at https://signup.partnerize.com/signup/en. If you have been offered a “job” or an opportunity to create a partner account outside the official Partnerize.com channels, it is likely to be illegitimate. Partnerize will never ask prospective employees or partners to deposit funds into an account. Please be advised that we investigate and report all suspected incidents of fraudulent behavior, scams and impersonations in accordance with applicable laws.

Be aware of the warning signs of suspicious activity

Scammers target unknowing users through fake emails, text messages, domains, letters, and by creating fake accounts on messaging services like Whatsapp and Telegram, among other fraudulent behavior.

No matter the communication technique utilized, scammers may ask you to:

Sign up at fake domains and deposit funds utilizing your banking information

Accept a 'job' to package orders

• Review official letters or certificates

• Confirm the validity of the organization at a local police station

If you have been contacted by an individual and you are unsure if it is legitimate request:

Please contact us immediately at support@Partnerize.com to confirm or deny the legitimacy of the request

Do not respond or click any links contained within the message

• Do not provide any information to the requestor

• Do not send funds to any user claiming to represent Partnerize or its affiliates