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There's still time to join the conversation as Partnerize discusses moving forward in times of change and uncertainty.

In recent months, circumstances across the globe have brought about unprecedented changes for all of us in both our personal and professional lives. Many brands are facing unheard-of circumstances, with both immediate challenges to address and big opportunities to prepare for accelerated growth in the future. During times like these, it’s more important than ever to reach out to one another, share ideas and find innovative paths to growth.

With this in mind, Partnerize hosted a webinar called Growing Together in Uncertain Times - Sharing Ideas About the Way Forward to Growth. This was a discussion led by Head of Client Services Stefanie Colley and Customer Success Director Jessica Goodall who have been on the frontline discovering how companies are responding to these new circumstances. This session was about concrete, actionable ideas that can help brands now and in the months ahead.

Our experts focused on seven key challenges many companies are facing now, and partnership strategies to help mitigate them.They also shared some ideas on actions to take to ensure brands and businesses are fully prepared for the future. Discussion topics included:

  • Examples of how partnership is solving immediate challenges for brands
  • Ways partners and brands are solving new challenges together
  • Real-world tactics for driving demand creatively
  • Ideas to help your brand ensure success when our world returns to normal

Stefanie Colley Headshot

Stefanie Colley

Head of Client Services & Integrations

J Goodall

Jessica Goodall

Customer Success Director