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An Embattled Social Giant Is Causing Chaos Among Marketers and We Have the Solution


For many years, we have been witnessing marketers on a steady climb to the unsustainable when it came to their ever-increasing costs to keep your brand front and center in Facebook.

With these pay-for-access channels, marketers are paying simply for that, access, not guaranteed outcomes. With partnerships, ad spend is only associated and applied upon conversion. The combination of outcome-based models, scale and automation, deliver effectively what marketers need: operating leverage. This makes partnership the ideal alternative marketers need to achieve operating leverage and affords them the ability to
stay in play in these other high-price channels like Facebook.

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  • The partnership channel is estimated to reach $15B annually
  • The partnership channel accounts for 16% of all ecommerce sales
  • 81% of brands utilize the channel
  • Plus more

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