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These days, affiliate and partner commissioning offers lots of new options to maximize performance against any KPI.

Gone are the days when brands had to depend on an affiliate network that could only commission in a few ways. Today's partner and affiliate marketers have more precise goals, and new ways to structure commission programs to align partner success with their own. Now, affiliate marketers can set commission rates on a host of different metrics. The most powerful way to create this sort of calibration is to structure partner offers and commissions strategically and with great care. Align your affiliate commission programs with your KPIs and marketing goals. Power your partnership programs—whether they are delivered in coupon sites, cashback, social media, influencer marketing, search engine marketing, or content publishers—with the commissioning strategies that will help you nail your goals. See how the right commission strategy can help you deliver on specific goals.

  • How the affiliate manager can commission on LTV, AOV, gross margin and more
  • The right strategies to use to incent conversions at every stage of the buying funnel
  • How affiliate offers can be increased based on the individual partner's sales volume
  • How to create a marketing program for maximizing lead flow
  • Much more!
Every affiliate commission approach outlined in this eBook can be delivered today, with the right data collection and flexible toolset! Download this partner and affiliate channel today.

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