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How to Choose a Subscription Services Partner Automation Solution


As the subscription services industry looks to drive more sales from revenue partnerships, many of its most savvy leading brands are looking for better ways to track and measure.

Like any other major software purchase, making the right partner management software choice for subscriptions businesses can be a lot simpler if you know what questions to ask.

Find out what to look for with respect to your marketing business partners in this fast-reading eBook. Get the best possible results from this marketing automation category. Explore the key issues to consider in a partner software solution:

  • Platform flexibility to adapt to every aspect of your unique approach to partner revenue and relationship management
  • Tracking methodology options for all types of partner conversion types, from sales through lead generation
  • Working and communicating with partners for best results and maximum commitment
  • Why omnichannel tracking solutions, real-time data, and data-driven insights will be so critical in the upcoming years for your business
  • How artificial intelligence and machine learning can drive better partner automation revenue and profits
  • Approving transactions and making payments from a partner portal
  • Why you should care about and seek predictive analytics and forecasting tech in your partner marketing platform
  • More!
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