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Retail partner marketing drives billions in sales every year for merchants and the game is changing rapidly as mobile, apps, and data-driven marketing upset the status quo. New devices and forms of partnership are dramatically expanding the partnering sales potential in this dynamic channel. From its roots in affiliate, partnership now encompasses hot new areas like influencer marketing, channel partners, and strategic brand alliances.

For both niche online merchants and big-box retailers, partnership is a critical sales driver. All this means that, if you are in the retail industry, you need to closely analyze your retail partnerships to ensure your campaigns and programs deliver optimal results - for both online transactions and sales made at retail stores.

This informative eGuide on retail partnership outlines four key best practices you should deploy in 2019. Learn why:

  • Now is the time to get aggressive in partnership marketing and customer experience investments
  • Getting customer and audience attribution strategy right will help you demonstrate the value of the partnerships channel and your products' partner marketing programs
  • Your influencer/social media programs may need an overhaul to focus marketing programs investment on advocates that are driving direct, measurable sales
  • Strategic brand partnerships can kick-start your direct sales business growth by capturing the attention and trust of customers with engaging partner marketing efforts
Partner marketing really can deliver extraordinary retailer growth. Get on board.

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