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Smarter affiliate commissioning will lead to better partner program results so you achieve all of your KPIs.

If partner marketing campaigns are part of your plan, make sure you empower your brand incentivize your partners to attract the right kind of traffic and sales. Partner and affiliate commissioning strategy is the core to maximum success at many stages of the sales funnel. For the affiliate manager, the number and range of digital marketing options for commissioning is growing rapidly as technology and partner automation foster new capabilities.

See all your partner and affiliate marketing commission options by downloading this quick-to-read marketing one-sheet that outlines the most popular affiliate site commissioning strategies for different KPIs.

See partner and affiliate management options for customer acquisition, retention and more!

Learn the keys to:

  • Maximizing Total Revenue
  • Promoting Greater Profitability
  • Geography-Specific Options
  • Increasing Customer Value
  • Time-Based Programs
Download this succinct look at your performance marketing commissioning options and learn how to maximize partner focus and performance against your specific partnerships KPIs.