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Taking Partnership Global


Partnerships should be a part of any brand's international expansion plans. But you have to do partnership right, right from the start.

As more and more brands decide to “go global” with their affiliate marketing programs, the search is on for powerful and compelling ways to reach and persuade consumers in new markets.

Extending a brand internationally tends to be expensive and resource-intensive; brand teams need to define the most effective and efficient tools for growing awareness, driving trial, and stimulating customer loyalty. Differences in culture, media habits, distribution systems, and a host of other dimensions make it difficult to identify a set of tools or tactics that will work in every market. In fact, most sales and marketing leaders agree that there are very few cookie-cutter go-to-market programs that will work in all countries.

There are many best practices that help drive faster revenues and better overall results for affiliate marketing – whatever the region(s) in which you compete. If you are looking for ways to drive faster and stronger brand sales as part of international expansion, download this paper to learn our recommended 10-step plan.

Download the ebook and learn:

  • Why local market experts are so important in partnership
  • The benefits of exploring all segments of partnership
  • The benefits of exploring all segments of partnership
  • Much more!

Gain important perspective from this informative ebook by downloading it now.

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