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Customer acquisition is likely one of the most important components of your marketing plan.

In the most recent CMO Report from Nielsen, customer acquisition was the most unanimously highly ranked campaign objective, with 93% of CMOs rating it more important than brand awareness or customer loyalty.

Another CMO study, this one from Gartner, reported that 37% of marketing budgets are focused on acquisition. That’s a big percentage, and with traditional approaches getting more expensive, smart marketers are looking to stretch the value of their spend. This need to stretch resources is a key consideration in any customer acquisition strategy. And with all this investment, the customer acquisition cost for most brands is going higher and higher.

If you’re looking to identify new ways to drive additional customer acquisition for your brand through affiliate marketing, these 5 often forgotten tactics may be just what you need to get the job done. Download this ebook and learn how the following tactics can drive stronger new customer acquisition:

  • Affiliate marketing for customer acquisition
  • Micro-influencer programs to drive new users
  • Chatbots as a tool for acquiring new customers
  • Loyalty partnerships as a means of growing your customer base
  • Brand-to-brand partners as a way to cost-effectively driving customer growth
  • Much more!

Gain important perspective from this informative ebook by downloading it now.

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